Vivify Specialty Ingredients Acquire Access Ingredients

GLENDALE HEIGHTS, IL – November 3, 2023.

Vivify has acquired Access Ingredients, a supplier of a diverse range of specialty materials used in skin and hair care applications. Vivify also owns Sandream Specialties, a supplier of pearlescent pigments and active ingredients to the personal care and cosmetics industry. The combination of Sandream Specialties and Access Ingredients will significantly expand the product portfolio and enhance the value provided to personal care and cosmetics customers.

Brian Leen, CEO of Vivify, said, “This acquisition reflects our commitment to the personal care industry and substantially increases our relevance as a provider of value-added solutions and high-quality ingredients to our customers. The combined product portfolio is expansive and addresses a very wide range of applications for skin and hair care as well as beauty products.”

Based in Arcadia, CA, Access Ingredients offers a range of specialty surfactants and active ingredients for skin and hair care applications. The company also specializes in Korean fermentation technology ingredients. Trudi Leung founded Access Ingredients in 2012 and has led the company on a period of tremendous growth. She said, “I am proud of what we have achieved at Access for our employees, customers and suppliers and I am excited to work with the Sandream and Vivify team. This combination will provide the scale and support necessary for us to strengthen our position in the industry and embark on our next phase of growth.” Ms. Leung will be staying with the company and will continue to lead Access Ingredients as Managing Director.

Vivify acquired Sandream Specialties in 2018. Known for innovation, the company is recognized as a leader in pearlescent and effect pigments boasting a diverse product offering for personal care. The company is actively selling its products in over 30 countries through a network of direct sales and distribution channels and provides technical and regulatory support to customers and suppliers. Vivify plans to maintain the Access Ingredients and Sandream Specialties brands in the marketplace and will represent both through a consolidated approach with customers.

Bobby Gruber, President of Sandream Specialties, said, “This acquisition is one where everybody wins. Sandream and Access win because of the complementary nature of our products and geographic reach. Our customers win because of the expanded breadth of the product portfolio and increased technical and service capability. Suppliers win because we become an even stronger channel partner to the industry. Synergies abound with this combination, and the growth will be exciting.”

Sandream Specialties is headquartered in Fairfield, NJ where it manages customer service, R&D, custom blending, and distribution. Access Ingredients is headquartered in Arcadia, CA with its own technical laboratory and distribution center. The combined company will leverage its bi-coastal capability and sales and support structure across North America to provide a high level of customer service, innovation, and responsiveness.

About Sandream Specialties

Sandream is a global raw material supplier for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry, offering an extensive range of effect pigments, cosmetic actives, and functional ingredients. The Sandream model empowers brands with the ability to launch new product introductions with both speed and agility. Sabdream combines scalability with vertical integration to deliver on both sample-sized batches and full-scale production.

About access Ingredients

Access Ingredients is a distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics markets. Access develops new products and services that enhance efficiency along with reducing costs for customers. Access’s goal is to exhibit the highest standards of integrity, making sure the products that customers receive will satisfy their budgetary plans and exceed their expectations. Access develops and cultivates strong relationships with suppliers so that Access can pass these tremendous value and savings onto customers.

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